How to future-proof your IoT, even if the future isn’t mapped yet

As the innovation cycle continues to turn, service providers are challenged with designing devices that will be fit for purpose in the future while meeting today’s pressures on total device cost and time-to-market.

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The best way to protect your IoT service lifecycle is to build-in flexibility at the design stage.

The challenge lies in how to design devices today that will not only still be fit for purpose in the future but also able to accommodate new innovation and take advantage of opportunities that previously didn’t exist.

This paper sets out how IoT service providers can have it all by carefully approaching the design, component selection, manufacturing, and deployments of their devices. By taking each of these steps diligently, they can ensure that optimised products are taken to market that meet the cost, performance, time and security needs of IoT both for today’s market and for whatever the future brings.

  • Light report explores how to future-proof your IoT with System on Module

  • Dan Kephart, senior product manager for IoT Platforms at Laird Connectivity on how SoMs have revolutionised IoT device design and manufacturing and why IoT service providers increasingly recognise the benefits of the SoM approach

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From Bill of Materials to SoM: The cost of an IoT device can make or break the business case


What is a System on Module and what are the key benefits?


SoM sales are soaring, a look at Global SoM market growth 2021-2028


Why SoM has some of the answers – scalability, security, and standards


Explore Laird Connectivity’s new Summit SOM 8M Plus


Interview: Device designers turn to SoMs to simplify, add functions, and achieve compliance

Why SoM?

“Taking standard, popular functions within a SoM and integrating that into your solution can radically simplify and accelerate your deployments. It’s a no brainer.”

The bill of materials cost of an IoT device has the capability to make or break the business case of IoT and Industrial IoT services.

Learn why SoMs are an intelligent decision that eradicates re-invention of already existing functions, provides flexibility in design, and speeds up time-to-market.

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